Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Glass Mixed Media Works in Progress for Painted lady Feminist Museum 7/13

I am working on handmade miniature glass sculptures. These will be under 4" big, mostly torchworked glass, and found objects. My glass sculptures will be in a group show in an art gallery called Painted Lady Feminist Museum. This is part of the S.Round Creative. The show themed "Liberation," opens in July, and I will be sure to post images here.
Last night I finished assembling one glass sculpture it involved using most of my tools. Thank goodness I hang on to all of my art supplies, some were from the early 90's. Sculpture #1 is torchworked glass, brass, copper, and gold thread. The title is tentatively Mother, Child, and Binding Spirit. Although the theme is "Liberation," most of my pieces involve bondage or bonding. Below is a glimps of piece number one unfinsied. To see more of my work available for purchase you can find my shop here and I am also on FaceBook where we can interact a bit more.
Sculpture no. 2 still in progress. I will post the completed works when the show opens. See more of my art here.

Mother, Child, and Binding Spirit 2.75" 
This is not completed, you will have to wait for the show to see the finished work.

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