Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blown Glass Vessels, Not Just for Ashes!

Hand blown glass vessels are torch-worked on a small blow pipe. I create each blown glass vessel myself no two designs are the same. Glass art for fairies, wishes, love notes, and all precious thoughts and emotions.
There are many uses for these glass Enchanted Vessels ® . A young man used one to put a small love scroll in and gave it to his new girlfriend. Others have used them to keep a prayer or affirmation in. Some have put a bit of sand from the beach where they had been on vacation. My daughter keeps a small bit of her late pet's ashes in a small blown glass vessel that she takes to college. My son keeps eucalyptus oil in his glass vessel to help wake him up in the morning.
I am passionate about creating with glass. It gives me pleasure to know that my small brightly colored glass vessels make others happy as well.
Blown glass torchworked vessel
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Blown Glass Lampwork Amphora

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