Friday, May 31, 2013

A Small Blown Glass Vessel Keepsake

Blown Glass Vessel Keepsake 
Enchanted Vessel ® Keepsake Urns are unique blown glass works of art that give the grieving an opportunity to choose a keepsake that is meaningful and speaks to their emotion creatively. These keepsakes are individually designed and hand blown, by artist Lisa Horkin. They are small works of blown glass art that are less than 2” tall designed as a work of art to be cherished and hold precious memories. Quality and Design
Enchanted Vessel ® are made from Italian and Italian style glasses. They are hand blown using the lampwork torch technique, and are kiln annealed for lasting endurance. During the finishing process each vessel is hand inspected for high quality finish. The glass bead top can be glued shut to keep the small bit of ash, lock of hair or fur securely sealed indefinitely. The sterling silver loop on top allows the owner to wear the keepsake on a chord or necklace, or its beauty can be displayed using an ornament stand. Practicality and sustainability
The mindfulness of Enchanted Vessel ® keepsake Urns is giving those who are grieving meaningful effective comfort that can be viewed, and held in hand. It can be worn, or kept in a special place. It is small and convent to be packed for travels. It is effective in engaging in conversations and lasting memories of the loved one, and It is an item that will be cherished over time, kept near to the heart, and will allow clients to hand down as an heirloom over the years. ©

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Put Your Lips On My Glass

Put your lips all over my blown glass tumblers! Drinking from handmade gives you a bit more intimacy and satisfaction when you are relaxing. Buying a glass tumbler from me, your mixed drinks will be awesome in it, you will impress your friends and family by drinking from blown glass tumblers, serving mixed drinks in hand made at a party makes a great conversation piece,  it would help me get to Corning Museum of Glass for my class in a week and a half, and your lips will be drinking from something that was created by me.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Master Glass Blower and Historian William Gudenrath

In a couple of weeks I will be taking a class with master glass blower and glass historian William Gudenrath. On YouTube there are many videos of him working. Here is a short video about Bill. I am very excited to have gotten a scholarship to take a class with Bill. Now looking for a few sales in order to help pay for the gas to get there, food, and for my lodging.
William Gudenrath

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Monday, May 27, 2013


Art is not discountable, but I am making an acceptation in order to help me get to Corning NY in a couple of weeks.
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