Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Almost Done with This Work of Art

New art work here This one going as part of a collaborative work with Mother Artists at Work. Saw blade art work of 10 different artists being assembled as one work of art for an invitational art competition. With 2 of my fellow MAWs, Catherine Bell Smith and Cyndi Bellerose, we created a work of art from the art of 10. I am exited to share the final work after our opening.

First we went to the scrap yard. Our second annual trip for this project.

We distributed saw blades to our fellow MAWs, ARTed them up, and cut through some metal.

We had a skeletal structure made. We assembled all the blades into one cohesive totem.

The final work is now installed at Columbus Metropolitan Library, the main library. Columbus Invitational Arts Competition 2013

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