Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Periwinkle blue Enchanted Vessel ®

My Etsy item today is a 2" tall, specially priced Enchanted Vessel ®. Periwinkle blue with black and white bulls-eye dots it is adorned with a small crystal on top. Persons fascinated by the small blown glass vessels that I make will benefit from purchasing from my Etsy store, as I have exclusive pricing via my Etsy
These Enchanted Vessels ®  help you connect to your dreams,
Memories, wishes, hopes and prayers. There are many uses for these vessels.  Put a love note into one and give it to your beloved… Keep a prayer or affirmation close to you…
Hold a bit of sand or earth form a favorite place… Carry a memory, or a token of someone close to you…
Glass art for fairies, wishes, love notes, and all precious thoughts and emotions.
Do Not Heat or Add Hot liquids

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